The Mind According to Saito Yakuro of Shintō Munen Ryū 斎藤弥九郎神道無念流

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saito yakuro
斎藤弥九郎 saito yakuro



Saito Yakuro of the famous Renpeikan once said that the character for budo 武道 is made up two radicals that of a spear and stopping. Preventing conflicts is the righteous thing. Then we should not have minds imbued with hatred or attitudes of fighting.
Are not many of us are ignoring the mind and training the body? I guess there is nothing wrong with that, but if you are going around hurting other people without remorse or self reflection then in my opinion you are a beast with nothing but claws. Early and modern budo training was never about that.
The sword should be tempered with a compassionate and a just attitude. Speaking for myself it is part of my practice. It is a main component in Shinkan Ryu training. Though I some times fail and cause trouble for someone, I admit the mistakes and attempt to move forward and create less suffering to anyone I might have injured with a hateful mind.
It is not about being perfect it is about having a mind and will flexible enough to try.
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