Martial arts of Shinkan Ryū Kenpō is organized and taught by Steven F. Radzikowski.

With the vision of creating swordsmanship training that bases itself on safe and proper technique of the Japanese katana, Steven expanded on his training of Iaijutsu, Jojutsu, Kendo and Kenjutsu. Studying the arts of koryū kenjutsu, Steven expanded and refined techniques so that others around the world could enjoy learning.

Steven performing Seigan no kamae

Steven is a certified Massage & Craniosacral Thereapist. He began his martial arts career with Yang family Tai Chi Chuan in 1993. From 1999 until 2003 he was teaching that art to others.
From 2003 he then started his study of Kendō and Iaidō.  He became deeply interested in the art of Japanese sword fighting. Moving to Japan in 2010 he continued practicing. After studying the techniques of koryū swordsmanship Steven embarked out on his own. He has been teaching the style Shinkan Ryū Kenpō in Tokyo since December 2016.

We are not just picking up weapons to swing around and cause harm. There is more to learn. Good technique and a true and honest heart are integral to the study and application of the sword.

With over 18 years of teaching experience, Steven decided to broaden the system to better suit learning and to introduce more in-depth teachings. Developing that which were both present and not within the system that he found lacking from those practicing and teaching around him. This style of sword training is available to those all over the world and in Tokyo, Japan.


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