Iaijutsu & Kenjutsu Distance Learning

 Online bujutsu learning in Shinkan-ryū is the first of its kind. It is an in-depth and intensive study of kobujutsu. You are not learning in a vacuum all alone, or being put through a useless "course system" and frequent testing and their associated fees designed to nickle and dime you. The study is serious, and the teacher's interest is in building solid basics to develop more complicated and in-depth techniques and concepts as the student progresses. It is similar as learning in a dōjō.  We have students in different countries who enjoy learning and make good progress through online study with us. Distance learning is not as hard as it seems, but it does require good dedication and discipline. Check here for general information on learning if you missed it. Online students and students physically in Japan are the same; when you join, you join the school. You are not a customer paying to learn how to use a sword. That is shallow, and not in the interest of Shinkan-ryū Kenpō.

There are many iaijutsu forms you can learn and practice without a partner. Kenjutsu is also taught but requires either a partner or physical presence at the dojo in Japan. Regardless of a partner, students are required to learn most of the forms in due time. It is certainly possible to learn swordsmanship online; all you need is the desire to learn and put in the training time.

Shinkan-ryū does not sell courses or single lessons. It is traditional learning as is typically done in koryū.  It is an intensive one to one student and teacher relationship based on honest teaching and learning. Students do not fly by the seat of their pants. It is a traditional school of swordsmanship. Learning is linear and in stages, whether online or in our physical dōjō.

To learn online, you will need to meet some requirements first.

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  • To learn online you will need the ability to view training videos, as well as uploading your own training for corrections. This means reliable and stable access to the internet.
  • Be teachable. This about having a personality that is open to change and learning new things. You must be receptive to criticism to learn martial arts.
  • English is the main means of communication. Japanese words are introduced when it is necessary, however, English is the common language for instruction.
  • Have the time to spend with the school and its teachings. It is not an endavor to shoehorn into your schedule or life.
  • An interview with the head instructor or letter of introduction is necessary before being accepted into the school.

Begin the great journey of learning the sword today

Please let us know a little about yourself and what you are interested in. We will reply soon. Thank you.