What Some Of Our Students Say

...What surprised me the most is that online training certainly doesn’t mean less commitment both from the teacher and the student. It allows us to be able to practice anywhere, anytime, and it saves time and money. Radzikowski-sensei is really fast and always ready to answer any kind of question or precision on the techniques and his answer includes very often a dedicated video with comments...


Shinkan Ryu Kenpo is top notch. The attention to detail and the time taken out for each student is in my opinion world class. I have taken other in person classes before, and the student attention still does not compare to what Radzikowski-Sensei provides. I am really enjoying the instruction.


Finding a decent school here in my country is very hard, if not impossible. Shinkan Ryu Kenpo offers a very decent alternative for those who can´t access sword training easily. It's full of resources that make distance-online training/learning easier, I fully recommend it!


The attention to detail that Radzikowski Sensei gives is incredible, I believe that due to this online training with Sensei is better than training in many live classes.
If you can spend some time at the dojo in Tokyo as well as online then you are getting the best training in the world.


Learning iaijutsu online is the only was I am able to learn as it is not taught anywhere around my living area. Learning iaijustsu with Radzikowski-sensei is a very rewarding process at Shinkan Ryu Kenpo! There is a wealth of information via articles, many in-depth quality videos, and supplements. Radzikowski-sensei is a very passionate teacher with a drive to help you learn and teach this art and others within the school. He takes time with us and answers all questions.  I don't think you can find a better commitment to quality of understanding of so many aspects of this Japanese martial art, than with Sensei at the Shinkan Ryu Kenpo.


Message From A Student

I have found the online iaijutsu training in Shinkan Ryu Kenpo to be of a very high quality with exceptional support from Radzikowski-sensei. I say high quality for a number of reasons, i) there are a number of instructional videos for the different waza and drills, ii) these are then further supplemented with additional breakdown videos explaining individual components within the waza, iii) Steven-sensei provides training feedback and corrections very quickly, and iv) there is always new content to view each week.

There are also blogs with written/video content to immerse yourself in which provide a further sense of what the school is about, and Sensei’s thoughts on budo.

The biggest difference with online study vs being in a dojo each week is that as a student you have to commit yourself to your own training. During training, there is no one there physically to push you or make you keep training. Sensei provides extensive support and technical corrections to your training, but the student must take the responsibility to put in the time to train. This may be different for people who have trained previously in martial arts in dojos and are used to being told what to do during training. The online training just requires that you as the student be the main driver for your training sessions. This also means flexibility to choose when you train around your work/lifestyle schedule.

The training is enjoyable and rewarding, particularly as you can see your own progression over time. Radzikowski-sensei is a committed and caring teacher who will provide guidance, support, and knowledge if the student also commits to training diligently.