In Shinkan-ryū Kenpō students train in a well rounded, compelling, pragmatic, and authentic Japanese kenjutsu and iaijutsu system. Although we branch out and allow training outside of Japan via online classes, we are not commercially selling online courses on how to use a sword as others do. We exist as a complete sword school based on the authentic koryū tradition of classical Japanese martial arts. We also maintain high principles of self-cultivation as budō should be practiced.

The goal in Shinkan-ryū Kenpō is to give the student a grounded and deep understanding of classical Japanese kenjutsu and iaijutsu within the school. When you join a bujutsu system to learn the sword, the aim should be to become a swordsman in that particular system (ryū-ha) and understand the sword combat of the respective school you train in. We strive for grounded and authentic swordsmanship training.

We offer an authentic and comprehensive iaijutsu and kenjutsu system to learn. Students progress as their abilities allow. The training is in-depth and can be enjoyed for a lifetime. It is a place for thorough learning. There are many techniques, and they cannot be acquired in six months. There are no instructor or black belt courses. Nor do we exist to hand out certificates. If you are a serious and dedicated person, please inquire about practicing with us.

How Do I Join And Start To Learn The Sword Arts?

Before joining Shinkan-ryū Kenpō, some correspondence and a personal interview conducted with the head instructor is needed. You are encouraged to read the blog about studying bujutsu. An introduction from a current member or a detailed self-introduction is necessary. The interview is done through Skype. If you have any questions or you are interested in training, then please fill out the form below to contact us.

The video above is an average lesson which is made available to the public.

How Does Learning & Training Work?

If you live in Japan,  you can train with us directly in Nara-ken. If you are not in Japan, you can still join the school and learn through our online curriculum. All students in and outside of Japan have access to appropriate teachings and lesson videos. We have made well over five hundred training videos for the school to date.

During the online learning process, the head instructor goes over the techniques with you. Learning is similar to that of a dōjō. Students are expected to train and keep up with pertinent information from the school. This type of training requires a lot of time and good self-management skills. Learning takes place through a one on one system. We have students in different countries who enjoy learning and make good progress through online study with our school.
Distance learning is not difficult if the student is diligent, and the teacher is willing.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Please make sure you check your spam folder for the reply. It might end up there.