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Learn Iaido and Bujutsu Online with Shinkan-ryū Kenpō

Shinkan-ryū Kenpō offers a unique opportunity to study iaido and bujutsu (Japanese martial arts) online. Our program provides a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of kobujutsu swordsmanship. We prioritize serious training and the development of solid fundamentals, leading to more advanced techniques and concepts as you progress. Unlike many online martial arts schools, we do not employ frequent tests or gimmicks. Our approach is focused on authentic, dedicated practice.

Our online iaido students come from diverse backgrounds and countries, all making significant progress through dedication and discipline. Whether you study online or in person, you become an integral part of our school community, not just a paying customer. We believe that learning the art of the sword requires effort, but it is an achievable and rewarding journey. For more information on our learning process, please explore our resources. Join Shinkan-ryū Kenpō for an in-depth and fulfilling experience.

Curriculum and Teaching Approach

Our curriculum encompasses a wide range of iaijutsu and kenjutsu forms. Learning swordsmanship online is entirely feasible with the right commitment and guidance. Our school does not offer single courses, certificates, or individual lessons. Instead, we adhere to traditional kobujutsu and koryū practices, fostering a deep, one-to-one student-teacher relationship. This method ensures diligent and honest teaching and learning, suited for dedicated and committed individuals. Learning is structured in stages, whether you train online or at our physical dōjō.

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  • Age: You must be 18 years or older. No exceptions.
  • Preparation: Read our "Studying Bujutsu" blog before contacting us.
  • Technical Setup: You need reliable internet access and the ability to view training videos and digitally record and upload your training sessions. Necessary equipment includes a camera, phone, and computer.
  • Teachable Attitude: You must be open to learning and receptive to constructive criticism.
  • Language: Instruction is primarily in English, with necessary Japanese terminology introduced as needed.
  • Introduction: Submit a four-paragraph introduction in the application form below.
  • Commitment: Ensure you have the time to fully engage with our teachings. We do not accept students currently training in other martial arts. Please review our guidelines on studying multiple bujutsu disciplines before applying.

Student Application

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Please properly introduce yourself, letting us know about you and what you are interested in. *Incomplete inquiries will be ignored.*