It is worth a lot to be mindful of the ebb and flow of all things. The rising and falling and ceasing of everything. The goal of realization and non-attachment to that within and without us.

All that is ourselves was ourself, and shall soon be a different being should be realized with the mindfulness of non-attachment. I lost my hair, and my beard became white. I gained weight and lost weight. I also learned new things and forgotten other things. I might have gotten smarter in some areas and dumber in others. These are some changes internally and externally.

The world has suddenly changed. The same is not the same on a daily basis. Are we prepared for the unexpected? Training in martial arts should be holistic. One should be prepared in the dojo for the swift fist or sword of our sensei and senpai. We should be able to adapt to the unexpected change of timing and spacing. Being hit or losing the match is not the main issue. Not noticing it is even not the biggest error. The greater error is in losing mental composure. Not being able to respond internally which creates an inadequate external physical response.

Have we been trying to master ourselves or have we been complacent and fixing our desires on the next waza or rank?

All things change. With alarming frequency, the things around and within you are changing. Physically and mentally, we are not the same as we were ten years ago. Retaining the sense of self and memories some times make it feel as if there is a continuous thread of self. However, like the blowing across the sky, we lose and gain and never remain the same.

We must not attach ourselves to things. This teaching is important within the dojo, and today during the current pandemic situation.

What is impermanent? All things.
What should we cling or attach ourselves to? Nothing.
Loss of something or someone should not be the catalyst for being mindful of the impermmanence around us.

The time to develop the mindfulness of impermanence is now. Even trying to understand it a little through actual practice is better than having not even tried. It is hard work and lasts a lifetime, but it is worth having as part of our martial arts practice. Compassion and mindfulness are integral aspects of practice in bujutsu.