To all of you that have supported and also those that have caused trouble to myself and the school; I wish you to be well, happy and peaceful. 2018 was a challenging but good year.


My pursuit through my own bujutsu keiko is to examine myself and the world. A polished mirror and still water lake reflect accurately. I desire to see clearly without dust in my eyes. I wish to purify my actions of the mind, speech, and body. I humbly propose all of us in and outside of bujutsu training try harder to cultivate what is really important. I have in the past acted stupidly and offended people. I did apologize, of course. However, my actions were not always kind, regardless of my intentions. This was careless on my part. Please forgive me for any wrongdoings.

I have worked to make this better, just as I practice my sword techniques, I make time for the study of the self as well. I want to share this message with everyone this New Year.

What can we see within us and others when the waters are calm? How are we incorporating our mind, spirit, flesh, and swords?

Thank you for your support and understanding. I am wishing everyone a great 2019.

Happy New Year to you all!