Under the big blue sky, Walk with purpose. せいしょうにへいほうす。青空をすたすた歩く。

Move towards your difficulties (or life in general) with a mind imbued with equanimity. This idea is kokoro-gamae 心構え. Kamae means posture, kokoro is our mind. For example, we are familiar with the posture of seigan-no-kamae 正眼の構え.

iaijutsu posture
Steven performing Seigan no kamae

Our mind (kokoro) also needs to have a form. It is part of any physical posture such as seigan no kamae. If we take up seigan as solely a physical stance it remains only migamae 身構え a purely bodily formed posture. We must also have the mind. It is one of three components of a successful posture. The kamae in martial arts are not static. We must unite, migamae, kigamae and kokorogamae.

In our waza, we should always be moving with composure under the "blue sky".

Move with equanimity and purpose with a body and mind correctly filled with energy and everything suitably connected.