Last week marked the 6th year of Shinkan-ryū Kenpō. I want to thank the faithful and diligent students that have adhered to their training. I have high standards for budō and this school. It is often a difficult journey, even more so with strict standards of conduct and practice. I am proud of their continuing efforts. Watching students develop skills and acquire wisdom about budō is extremely rewarding. I am lucky to be involved with such decent people.

I also want to thank those who acted maliciously to hurt myself and the school. I am grateful for your gossip, harassment, and outright defamation. Although painful on many levels, it allowed me to grow and become more compassionate.

I am pleased to have had many chances to become a better person, teacher, and budōka. Learning the sword must involve the mind. It is important to cultivate our character along with the techniques of the sword. I am glad to have students willing to see the true path and walk upon it. As I am, some others in different schools also tread a decent path of honor and compassion.

We must cast aside our egos and cravings for pleasure and develop the wholesome pillars of budō and pass them along to others entering the stream of learning.