Learning Iaido online is a wonderful challenge.

Iaido or Iaijutsu can be deceptively simple in its movements but like anything simple in nature there is profound depths to explore. In nature a block of green color, a leaf. Moving closer and inspecting further we can find the details. The basic components are drawing the sword (nukitsuke), cutting with the sword (kiritsuke) and symbolically removing blood (chiburui) returning the sword (noto). Learning the art of Japanese sword has a lot to offer physically and mentally.

For information learning iaido online please see this page.

Some reasons to practice iaijutsu:

  • Investigating through experiential knowledge the historical arts of the samurai and sword fighting in Japan.
  • Improving our character and quality of life through the mental and physical challenges of bujutsu practice.
  • Cultivating a calm attitude during times of stress and duress.
  • Exploring the subtle physical energies and strategies involved in of sword combat.

If you have questions please feel free to ask.