Learning Iaido online is a wonderful challenge.

Iaido or Iaijutsu can be deceptively simple in its movements but like anything simple in nature, there are profound depths to explore. In nature, a tree can appear as a block of green color from a distance. A leaf is almost indistinguishable from other leaves near it. Moving closer and inspecting further we can find the details. Martial arts are similar. At first, the gross movements don't appear to be much at all. After a time we find there is a world of detail to explore.

The basic components of iaido are drawing the sword (nukitsuke), cutting with the sword (kiritsuke), symbolically removing blood (chiburui) and returning the sword (noto). Learning the art of Japanese sword has a lot to offer physically and mentally.

Iaido Online: Can you learn it?

I had doubts when I first opened the school to online teaching. Initially I did not set out to teach anyone online. Organically it unfolded over time and I found that teaching my students overseas via the internet worked. I often gauged online learning with that of students physically in the dojo. I fine-tuned my approach in teaching and now feel confident that someone can learn this via my online methods. Learning iaido online does require a more dedicated individual. It is the same as working from home. If you can not be motivated and focused, then it is likely not going to work (online or in any dojo really). Making time for training is paramount. Our school does not enroll people en-mass. Strict rules and guidelines must be followed. It is for the dedicated and serious practitioner. Of course, not everything can be transmitted and learned online, but the bulk of learning is transmittable. For information learning these arts online please check this page.

Some reasons to practice kenjutsu and iaijutsu:

  • Investigating through experiential knowledge the historical arts of the samurai and sword fighting in Japan.
  • Improving our character and quality of life through the mental and physical challenges of bujutsu practice.
  • Cultivating a calm attitude during times of stress and duress.
  • Exploring the subtle physical energies and strategies involved in sword combat.

Shinkan-ryū Kenpō Offers the only in-depth detailed learning environment online for classical Japanese swordsmanship. We have a growing library of over 600 videos & lessons. We are proud to have the most detailed instruction available for online iaido study. Students are part of the school and are not studying on their own confused and lost.

If you have questions please feel free to ask. 

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