Be honest.
Move with the truth and discard the lies and false facades. Leave them behind like the summer cicada their husk. There is a chance every day to re-align ourselves with the honest flow that leads to the pure truth.

Bujutsu keiko should be about honesty. Don't pretend and posture. It's the kindling for the flame of fate.

Push through the world on your own merits.

Nourish yourself with honest intentions and goals. Don't deceive your teachers or students. Most importantly start with yourself. Resist the urge for self-deception. Don't make excuses.

The road away from mental defilements starts with an understanding of what the ultimate truth is. This must be part of our practice in bujutsu. Our postures, weapons, and fists must all have the truth as well as qi flowing through them.

Calligraphy 真 by Steven. F. Radzikowski. Shin/makoto has the meaning of truth or reality.