For those that lack wisdom the way is difficult.
It is best to consider the three marks of existence; Suffering, Impermanence, and No-self.

We should strive to gain wisdom, chie 知恵. Chie or right understanding exists in the correct application of thought and mindfulness. Practicing martial arts does not guarantee the accumulation of wisdom. Titles and rank do not equal wisdom. Dressing up in martial arts clothes, playing with swords or wearing samurai armor does help in gaining wisdom. Only through the challenge of meditation and the practice of mindfulness can we cultivate the mind. Right understanding cannot be gained by being lazy. It is a life-long practice, and the point is to make efforts every day by application of the mind.

Learning destructive arts without training the mind creates a machine to damage and kill. In modern everyday life, we might not be drawing blood but we are wounding people with our ill will and distorted thinking. Striving to increase the capacity of loving-kindness and compassion is essential. Increasing the depth of our awareness is vital. Practicing martial arts only physically is not a balanced approach.

When we put down the sword or walk out of the dōjō, we should take up the practice of mindfulness. Keiko never ends.