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There are techniques and scrolls and teachings all over the dojo.
What does it matter if no one is practicing them honestly with sincerity and an open and deep heart/mind? What good are our lineages and grand hundreds of years of history if you are mired in malicious and unhealthy mindsets? Time is fleeting. Transcend the hatred and ignorance and practice deeply. Practice your practice. I want to strive to deepen myself and my students.
Was involved in a small photo-shoot the other day. I thought I would share the image and ideas.
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Steven lives and breathes in Japan where he heads the sword school of Shinkan-ryū Kenpō.


  1. Miguel Penilla July 16, 2018 at 4:53 am

    I think we must start by asking ourselves why did we choose swordsmanship, what are our expectations on this practice and discuss them with our Sensei, im pretty sure he will give us the most proper guidance on what to do next, having said that i (again) think that we take a lot of things for granted, sometimes we can think of our practice just as another hobby or just an exotic way to spend our time, “fancy and exotic movements with a sword”.
    If we can start by being honest to ourselves and our Sensei, who is in fact putting a lot of time and effort teaching us the best way possible.

  2. Matt July 16, 2018 at 6:10 pm

    I think everyone can have slightly different reasons for training initially. As long as the intent is genuine both towards Steven-sensei, the school and ourselves. Only then we can achieve our goals through diligent practice and reflection. I feel that sometimes after you invest time in training to develop your technique and spirit in that art, that your goals may change. Sometimes it’s impossible to know the destination until you start the journey and that journey is different for everyone. Steven-sensei will also play a very important part in where that destination is for each of us and the path for how we all may reach it. I feel we shouldn’t be distracted by outside influences but concentrate on commiting to our training and to support our sensei and fellow students however we may be best able to.

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