You only have a little bit longer to live. The end is coming, whether in the most violent or quietly unexpected way; it is coming. Make space in your daily life to focus on the few important things. There are many sweetly satisfying things that we can lose ourselves in. Enjoy your Netflix binge but it comes with a cost. Power through a few more levels in that video game tonight, it also has a cost. Working too much and trying to stuff things into an already packed schedule does not mean you are living life to the extreme. You are wasting it on purely empty experiences. Drowning in the honey tastes great but the end is not good.

Did you notice the subtle changes of things around you and within you? It takes time. There is a lot to contemplate within your bujutsu keiko let alone physically do. What is essential? There is an overabundance of information around us. Our attention is limited.

Just as a warrior must focus on the main threat in an army of five hundred charging at him, so we must properly choose how we live our lives. Too many goals and objectives do not increase the value. Get to know one or two things with great intimacy.

Be mindful and keep space in your life to properly enjoy and contemplate things. Be aware of all the honey around you.

©2020 S.F.Radzikowski

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Saneteru Radzikowski is the head sword instructor of Shinkan-ryū Kenpō. He lives and teaches Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu from Nara, Japan.

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